Adams County considers day care expansion


In-home day cares in unincorporated Adams County could take on twice as many children next year.

The Adams County Commission reviewed the proposal from the Community and Economic Development Department during a study session Oct. 3.

Kristin Sullivan, director of Adams County Community and Economic Development Department, said the memo and presentation given to the commission was to provide information and receive feedback before drafting a formal proposal. Sullivan said it was well received.

Currently the county zoning regulations allow up to six children for all-day attendance at in-home day cares plus two additional students before or after school. Bringing the total allowable to 12 would match county regulations with the state.

“It’s actually common that local government might be a little different on specific land use,” Sullivan said in an interview.

She said the reason for the lower number was out of concern of affecting neighborhoods, but then the county received a request from a local day care to increase the number to match state regulations.

“We did research throughout the last couple months,” Sullivan said.

In check with neighboring communities, she said her department found that allowing a dozen children at in-home day cares seem to negatively affect neighbors.

Sullivan said the change could better serve Adams County residents.

“It’s becoming more challenging for families to find affordable day care,” Sullivan said.

There are currently 35 in-home day care businesses licensed by the state in unincorporated Adams County, according to Sullivan.

Sullivan said the next step is to hold public hearings through the Adams County Planning Commission and eventually the Adams County Commission to get feedback from residents before the commission would vote on changing the ordinance.

Sullivan said she expects a vote to come in the first quarter of 2018.

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