My Name Is: Brian Lacertosa

Encouraging clever escapes for a living


About me

I grew up in Southern California. I went to school at CSU in the early 90’s and fell in love with Colorado. I went back to California for almost 10 years and finally in 2003 I was able to move back to Colorado.

I like the pace and the people here. I know native Coloradoans think traffic has gotten bad and things now move at such a fast and furious pace. But everything is relative to your own personal experiences. So, compared to where I grew up, I love the slower pace of life in Colorado.

I have two accomplishments I’m proud of - the first is building a company from the ground up and watching it flourish and grow. The second is watching my daughter go from a very quiet and shy person to being an outgoing, successful ICU nurse.

Escaping into a new job

I am the CEO of Denver Escape Room and BCR Developments (a separate company that operates Escape Rooms in three states other than Colorado).

We took a family trip to New York City in July of 2014 to watch the fireworks live. My daughter planned a day of activities and thought an escape room looked interesting since it was number three on TripAdvisor’s list of things to do in NYC.

We played, and we all loved it. I started working on my business plan three days later and we opened November 15, 2014. It’s been rewarding watching our company grow from an unknown entity to having six locations and employing almost 70 people.

Away from business

I was a soccer referee for seven years. I have refed at the youth, adult, high school and college levels.

I enjoy decorating for Halloween and Christmas. There tends to be way too many lights, props and music involved.

I love to travel. Being in charge of two companies, having locations in four states, and looking to expand by 50 percent in the next six months, doesn’t give me much free time. With what little time is left over, my family and I tend to travel quite a bit. This year alone, I have been to 17 states, and six countries.

I thoroughly enjoy going to concerts and shows, we have seen numerous shows in Las Vegas, NYC, and London as well as concerts in LA, Nashville, and Denver.

I enjoy going to live sports events. We are going to Talladega for a NASCAR race in the middle of October.

Taking it all in

If I could, I don’t know that I would change anything. All of my life experiences have led me to where I am today. The good things and bad all contribute to the current version of me.

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