My Name is: Caleb Leialoha

From Fire knife dancing to AP statistics, learning is key for the Head Norse


About me

I was born on the Big Island of Hawaii, in Hilo. My mother, older sister and I moved to Colorado when I was five years old.

Our family’s future wasn’t looking bright in Hilo as it is a small town with not much to do. And with not much to do means more temptation to pick up habits and activities that are not good. My sister and I would not have become the people we are today or achieved what we have achieved if not for my mother making the choice to take my sister and I to a new beginning.

Most of my family is in Hawaii, however we have made more, new family here in our home in Colorado.

In Hawaii, I love the ocean, the moisture, the sunshine, the culture, the connection that everyone has to each other. And the food.

In Colorado, I love the mountains, the snow, the seasons, the sunsets, the sunrises, the diversity. And the food.

Little time off

My job is to get an education that will allow me to pursue my dream of becoming an orthopedic surgeon. I like gaining knowledge and making connections with people.

My scheduled does not leave much room for off-time. I am currently in four advanced placement classes (Statistics, Biology, Chemistry and English), I am in Northglenn High School’s Biomedical STEM pathway, I am a four-sport athlete (football, wrestling, track and swimming), involved in extracurricular activities (National Honor Society, Student Council, Principal’s Student Advisory Board, Superintendent’s Student Leadership Council, Fellowship of Christian Athletes).

I am also a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Fire knife dancing

I love my Polynesian culture and because of that I love Samoan fire knife dancing.

I’d like to build upon my skills and techniques in fire knife dancing because I love doing it, especially since so few people actually know how to do it.

Scholarship opportunity

I am a Semper Fidelis All American.

I went to Washington D.C. for four days to participate in the Battles Won Academy. This was a program put on by the United States Marine Corp. From this program I was one of the 12 people chosen as a highlight student from the 96. From there I was also selected as the male recipient of a $1,000 scholarship.

My SFAAP trip to Washington D.C. was an amazing learning opportunity for myself and for my mentor, Principal Sharee Blunt, who accompanied me. I talked and learned from mentors from all across the country with all sorts of different backgrounds. Hearing their stories was inspirational to applying what they learned to my life.

I also am the Head Norse of Northglenn High School. I am proud of this position because the Head Norse are decided upon by both staff and students of the school and represent the Northglenn spirit and stand for everything that is good about Northglenn.

Different places

I enjoy travelling and seeing new places. The things that different places have to offer, no matter how far or close they are, is amazing. My favorite places to visit, outside of my home in Hawaii, is Las Vegas because of the energy and excitement that fills the air.


My favorite historic place is the Waipio Valley, site of an ancient Hawaiian battle and one of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen.

I would like to visit Hawaii under King Kamehameha’s rule. I would love to see the raw Hawaiian culture under a unified Hawaii and to maybe trace my Hawaiian lineage to its very beginnings.

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