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Letter: Fight open primaries


A little more than one third (38 percent) of Colorado's electorate passed Proposition 108, thus opening the primaries to unaffiliated voters. Each of the two major parties can opt out of the open primary but they must have 75 percent of their state central committee members vote to opt out.

By any standard, 75 percent is tyrannical and a severe threshold to meet. This botched election plan was financed by Kent Thiry in his attempt to become governor of Colorado.

Now, Kent Thiry's botched election plan will cause the Republican party to suffer under the tyranny of the minority unless we opt out at the upcoming Republicans State Central Committees meeting on September 23.

Almost all of our party's nominees made the primary ballot through the caucus process and that process is one in which only a small percentage of Republicans participate. Thiry knows this and that's exactly why he financed this proposition. If he stands any chance at all to become the Governor, he needs his name at the top of the ticket.

He registered as a Republican after the passage of Proposition 108 not because his political values were close to our own but because we have the financially weakest candidates and a fractured party brought on by the adverse actions of the past.

There is only one way to save our party and that is to stand and fight this hostile takeover. We must reach out to all registered Republicans and encourage them to go to the caucuses and vote in the polls, primaries and general elections. We must let the leadership know we want them to preserve their right to vote in their own primaries.

Courting the unaffiliated voters should be left to our candidates who win the closed primaries, not the party.

Ben Nicholas, Westminster

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