Letter: New rules costly


As a Thornton resident, I'd like to thank Councilmember Kulmann and Mayor Williams for their "no" votes on the new proposed oil and gas regulations. They seem to have Thornton's best interests at heart.

As for the other seven councilmembers, I can't help but wonder what they're thinking. They confirmed they read the letter from the Attorney General's office that warned them the proposed regulations overreached, yet they went ahead and voted for them anyway.

I realize they said they want to protect the residents of Thornton, public safety is always paramount, but given what's happened when other cities proposed similar rules, these rules will not protect anyone. They'll likely lead to a costly and needless lawsuit that sees them rendered inconsequential.

The seven councilmembers who voted for these ought to be embarrassed because as stewards of the public interest they should know better.

At least Councilmember Kulmann and Mayor Williams are trying to represent us properly.

Sarah Krcal, Thornton

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