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Letter: No info about school ballot


In his column, Mr. Christopher ("Local campaigns are on us," Aug. 7) noted and lamented the fact that only two incumbents have filed for the two open school board positions in the Westminster Public School District. He went on to say, "Regardless of whether you support the two incumbents...this is not healthy. Voters deserve choices."

To better understand this election, I looked at the Westminster Public School district's website. To my surprise, there was not a single word related to the election.

So I called the district and asked. The email response I received was:

Yes, there will be an election;

There are two incumbents whose terms are up;

A link to a state website on the school election process;

The district will be posting something on their website in early September, since there are guidelines they must follow.

Given that September 1 is the deadline for candidates to file nomination petitions and forms, it seems posting something on the district's website in early September is a little late.

This would give the appearance that they don't want choices, as Mr. Christopher pointed out.

Joe Armstrong,

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