Letter to the editor

Letter: Our great local people


In June, we went to a concert at the Amphitheater at Carpenter Fields in Thornton.

As we came in from the parking lot, the basket on my walker was full but I put my compact red umbrella on top to use as a sunshade. We sat in the shade of a tree and didn't need the umbrella.

Upon leaving, I noticed that the umbrella was not on my basket. Bill looked around where we sat without success. As we neared the parking lot, I saw the umbrella on top of a barrel with a side opening for trash. It had apparently fallen off my overloaded basket as we entered the Amphitheater area. A Good Samaritan picked it up and put it where it would be seen. Of all the people entering and leaving the area, no one disturbed the umbrella until its owner came along. It was good to know that we were among so many good people.

In July we went to a movie on the south side of Carpenter fields.

Bill had a pair of glasses in a case in his pocket. When we got to the car, the glasses were not there. With a flashlight, he searched where we sat during the movie and the hillside he had climbed to the car. People of all ages asked what was lost. Flashlights and cell phone lights appeared everywhere as many pairs of eyes searched the area until the glasses were found.

Thanks to the first person who found the glasses but had no idea who lost them, and put them on the concrete square at the bottom of a light. And thank you to the many others who searched with us until they were found.

Our news is full of incidents of people behaving badly at all levels. But here, in our little microcosm of humanity, people are helpful, considerate and truly caring about their fellow man.

Bill and Iola Bean,


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