Letter to the Editor

Letter: Pirates don't deserve a festival


Northglenn continues to make a bold statement with their pirate festival. After all, it is bold for a city to host an homage to murderers, rapists and thieves!

While many people may think of pirates as the likeable Captain Jack Sparrow, he is not the typical pirate. In the "Golden Age of Piracy" pirates engaged in tortures and degradations unfit to put in a family newspaper. Modern day pirates engage in brazen armed robbery and even terrorize huge cruise ships.

It must be then asked why a city of laws would want to throw a festival in tribute to these felons? Moreover, why put a link on the festival website entitled "Become a Pirate". Perhaps this festival is in preparation for other ones undoubtedly being considered such as "Mafia Fest" or "Terrorist Fest". The link entitled "Become a Terrorist" should be a real treat to read!

Russell Weisfield,


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