My Name Is... Mark Robert Czanderna

Salvation, risk and learning languages


About me

I am an officer of The Salvation Army. I like filling gaps where unmet needs are in our community.

When my family returned from doing 10 years of independent missionary work in China, I was looking for employment in a field similar to my previous experience, i.e., missionary service. We started working for The Salvation Army in St. Petersburg, Florida, in August of 1997.

At that time, I was employed as outreach coordinator, then, Program Director and finally, I went to The Salvation Army’s Training College in Atlanta, Georgia, where after two years of training, I was ordained as a Salvation Army officer on June 5, 2005.

I have two daughters with families in the area. My children and grandchildren, and of course The Salvation Army, are what brought me to Colorado. The Salvation Army’s High Peak Camp in Estes Park is one of my favorite outdoor places.

I enjoy the mountains and time with my two daughters and their families, especially having fun with my four grandchildren who live nearby.

I belong to the Foothills Kiwanis Club, I read the Bible through once per year and have done so for over 30 years and I enjoy concerts at CU’s Mackey Theatre.

Risk leads to reward

The sudden death of my father at age 13, followed by six years of a difficult home life, culminated in Christ reaching out to me and making the offer of salvation clear to me.

I have enjoyed the moments in my life when my life has been at risk but I chose to go forward into the face of danger for the sake of God and other people. I can recite a few incidents. I would not change any of those moments.

Entering missionary service affected my life more than anything else. In this way of life, I am constantly reminded that the world is a whole lot bigger than just what is important to me. I am stretched to do things I would not make the choice to do. The rewards of seeing the lives of people around me changed for the better keeps me encouraged.

Destination versus trip

I enjoy arriving in other countries, but not so much the traveling to get there. I have been to Mexico, Canada, China, Taiwan, Jamaica and Israel.

I have enjoyed the privilege of working with people from many cultures including but not limited to: Chinese, Korean, Laotian, Vietnamese, Kurdish, Egyptian, Syrian and from many countries of Central and South America, as well as from some of the African nations.

Many tongues

I can read Hebrew and Greek. One accomplishment I’m proud of is learning to read, write and speak Cantonese, and using this language skill to work with orphans as well as university students in China.

I am currently learning Spanish. I would like to be fluent.

I am also playing the drum set for worship music, and teaching percussion to children. I enjoy playing the drum set and blogging. I would like to improve my drumming skills so I can be a greater blessing in this way for others.

Computers, iPhones and Internet are the most exciting inventions of all time because with these I can communicate quickly with people locally or on the other side of the planet, and I can receive an instant response.

If I could visit any time period…

I would like to stay in the time period and place I live now because I am most adapted to this location. I love the people that I work for and the people of the community in which I live.

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