Protect the EPA

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have stunned a nation asking itself how it will face the next big one. Fact is, climate change is making high intensity storms significantly more likely.

Now is the time for a game plan. It’s why our families will travel to Washington, D.C. next week to meet with staff from both of our Senate offices and from the office of Congressman Mike Coffman. We will ask them to oppose dangerous cuts to EPA’s budget, including cuts to climate change programs and other crucial health protections.

Think oil spill prevention, toxic clean-up, chemical safety, Superfund emergency response and drinking water safety are important? You bet. Just ask the 2 million residents of Houston, still reeling from Harvey’s unprecedented flooding. Yet, President Trump is defying common sense by proposing cuts to the very agency addressing these public health threats in Houston and elsewhere.

With a vote coming this month in Congress, our elected leaders in Colorado and every state must fiercely defend the EPA’s budget—and the agency’s ability to respond to extreme weather events made worse by climate change, and the extremely toxic aftermath.

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