NORTH 1005 LTE Housing burdened


We need a housing fund

Did you know that according to federal guidelines, if you are paying more than 30 percent of your income towards housing costs, you are housing burdened!

Most Westminster residents are paying that and more.

Without the help of my son, I would be one of those people. “We Organize Westminster” is a group of residents that is concerned about the rising costs of rent and the growing population of homeless families, veterans and individuals in the city of Westminster. Our community members are increasingly deciding on which bills to pay.

“Do we buy food or lifesaving medicines?” There are over 1,000 homeless children living in Westminster. Living in hotels, cars and sharing small apartments with other families. The meals some of these children eat at school are the only meals they eat.

We are calling on The City of Westminster Mayor and Council members to create a Affordable Housing Trust Fund. It would help fund the building and preservation of affordable housing. It could also be used for other housing needs such as rental assistance and pathways to homeownership.

In our “Renters Bill of Rights” we are demanding mandatory translated leases, mandatory itemized receipts, and a free walk in legal clinic geared toward low-income renters to ensure that all residents have access to justice.

“We Organize Westminster” needs you! Share your stories! There is power in numbers!

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