Letter to the Editor: PUC should support the Colorado Energy Plan


It is a confusing time in our country as the Trump Administration works to shutter the burgeoning renewable energy market and I find it daunting to think about the economic and environmental impacts of continuing with a business as usual approach.

This why I am in support of real solutions to our most pressing problems such as Xcel Energy’s Colorado Energy Plan.

Xcel’s plan, if approved by the Public Utilities Commission, would ensure that Colorado continues to move forward with clean energy that benefits our economy, environment and way of life in Colorado. In Westminster, our residents and businesses need reliable, low cost energy every day and Xcel’s plan to expand further into this market meets that need. Through the on-boarding of new clean energy, Colorado will best position itself to be a leader on clean energy now and well into the future and I urge the PUC to support Xcel’s plan.

Shannon Bird,

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